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Services: Restaurants

Whether you are on the road and just passing through, or staying in one of our communities for a few days, be sure to sample our local cooking and cuisine. All of our communities have places where you can order home-cooked meals. These include comfortable restaurants, often located within modern lodges or hotels, or community favourites located within the communities themselves.

Cuisine ranges from North American staples like pancakes, soup, sandwiches, and hamburgers to regional specialties such as moose, caribou and fresh local berries.



Housed within the Administrative building, Niskafe serves up everything from breakfast to dinner, along with homemade soups and desserts. Open Mon- Fri. 8am to 4pm.Tel: 819.855.3019   

Chez Asiipii

Located at the Mitchuap Building Open Monday to Saturday 7am-7pm

Sunday Closed

Tel: 819.855.2426   

Pash-Moar Pizza

Open Monday to Sunday 11:30am-1:30pm 4pm-8pm

Tel: 819.855.2080   

Canteen 44

Tel: 819.855.1765   


Nemaska Motel and Restaurant

Offers clean, quiet comfortable rooms as well as first-rate dining. The ten rooms come equipped with satellite television and air-conditioning. Both the lounge and the restaurant offer a beautiful view of  the lake. The restaurant seats up to 40 people, and boasts one of the best chefs in the region. Tel: 819.673.2615  Fax: 819.673.2233 


Mandow Inn

This clean and welcoming hotel has nine rooms, each equipped with two comfortable double beds, full washroom and shower facilities, as well as a television. Delicious home cooked meals are served in the dining room, and there is a private space available for large groups or business conferences. Tel: 819.977.2050  Fax: 819.977.2047 


Adels Restaurant

If you are looking for someone to cook up a feast for you, drop by Adels. Full-course meals share the menu with fast-food favourites. Breakfast, lunch and supper are served six days a week, along with a special Saturday brunch. Tel: 418.923.3201   

Mistissini Lodge

Our lodge is more than a place to eat and sleep; it is a cultural hub. Mistissini Lodge unites the conveniences and comforts of modern living with the charm and character of our traditional native culture.Tel: 418.923.2333  Fax: 418.923.2335 

Tim Hortons



Capissisit Lodge

Along with our community's immense respect for our traditional ways, we also embrace the benefits of modern living, and you can find these comforts in the charming Capissisit Lodge.  We also offer Snowmobile packages during the winter. While in the area be sure to visit our boutique which specializes in hand-made handicrafts from local artisans. Moccasins, slippers, winter mittens, beaded bags, bracelets, carvings, and many other traditional arts and crafts are available along with postcards and greetings cards. Tel: 418.745.3944  Fax: 418.745.3469  E-mail: capissisit.lodge@ouje.ca


Jacob's Restaurant

The menu of this family restaurant ranges from dinner specials to North American favourites such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbecue chicken. The restaurant seats up to 35 people, and take-out meals are also available.  Tel: 819.895.8821   

Kanio Kashee Restaurant

Savour both North American and traditional Cree cuisine while looking out over the Rupert River. Seasonal specials include fresh local fish and goose cooked over an open fire. The restaurant has seating for 60 to 70 people. more...

Tel: 819.895.2005   


Waswanipi Cafeteria

Serves up 3 meals a day, with a different selection for each time of day. The meals are modest cafeteria food but deliciously prepared. Also serve fast food. Open daily 5am to 9pm.Tel: 819.753.2320  Fax: 819.753.2555 


Wemindji Coffee Shop

When you just want a snack and/or a relaxing cup of freshly brewed coffee. Tel: 819.978.3999   

Power Play Restaurant


Tel: 819.978.3030   


Another of the community's favourite eating spots. Tel: 819.978.0271   

M & M's Restaurant

An opportunity for a wholesome meal in a warm atmosphere.Tel: 819.978.3464   

Maquata Inn

This spacious hotel derives its name from the broad Maquatua River, upon whose shores it sits.  Its 12 rooms are fully furnished and equipped with television, telephone, and showers.  And meals can be enjoyed in the inn's own restaurant.  Tel: 819.978.3166  Fax: 819.978.3196 

Kookum Sarah's Bed and Breakfast


Tel: (819) 978-3501   


Airport Resto


Tel: 819.929.3606